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Generally Monaco Romers have scheduled outings 2 to 3 times per year. Most are held at luxury RV resorts and campgrounds within 500 miles of our home base in Southern California's South Bay area. However, once in a while we will schedule a rally in a State where one or more of our members reside that is more than 500 miles, such as Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Most of our members live in California, Nevada and Arizona, however, this is not a membership requirement.

            Winter/Spring Rally

The Winter/Spring rally is usually held in February, March or April. Click the Winter/Spring Rally link to view the current status of these scheduled events.

            Summer Rally

The Summer rally is usually held in June, July or August. Click the Summer Rally link to view the current status of these scheduled events.

            Fall Rally

The Fall Rally is usually held in September or October. Click the Fall Rally link to view the current status of these scheduled events.

More About Monaco Romers Rallies

The Monaco Romers Vice-President's primary goal throughout his or her term in office is to schedule and coordinate the club's two to three rallies per year. This is not an easy task. Rally host sites have to be selected that can accommodate our very specific needs. Commitments from members to be rally masters for these rallies must also be secured.

If you have an interest in hosting a Monaco Romers rally or want to recommend a rally site, please contact our current Vice-President in charge of Monaco Romers Rallies whose address and contact information is listed below. Or submit your suggestions, comments or commitments on our Feedback Form.

         Duncan Holt, Vice-President
Home: 707-303-777
Cell: 321-604-0144
E-mail: dcholt2014@gmail.com

Rally Flyer Archives

Each rally flyer is different and reflects the mood and template of the rally it serves. This archive is for the benefit of new rally hosts to help them create their own rally flyer, as well as for posterity. Once a rally has taken place, its flyer will be added to this archive. Click on the particular rally you are interested in and open up its flyer.
        Monaco Romers in Indio, CA Rally - January 7, 2018
        Romers Fall Round-Up - September 22, 2017
        Red Rocks and Apache Drums - March 27, 2017
        Monaco Romers in Indio, CA Rally - January 8, 2017
        Days of Wine & Romers - October 4, 2016
        4/16 "3 Strikes, Yer Out" - April 1, 2016
        Monaco Romers in Indio Rally - January 3, 2016
        Fun in the Sand - October 19, 2015
        Love by the Sea - February 9, 2015
        9/14 "Tahoe or Bust II Rally - September 8, 2014
 Race to the Gold Country - April 30, 2014
        Autumn Train Ride in the Rockies - September 30, 2013
 A Jewel in the Desert - Pahrump, NV - April 22, 2013
        Fall Combo Special (Monaco Romers & Western Executive) - Paso Robles, CA - October 2012
        Viva Las Vegas Rally Flyer - Las Vegas, NV - March 14, 2012

        Historical Times Rally Flyer - San Juan Bautista, CA - September 2011       
        4th of July Adventure Rally Flyer - Coeur d'Alene, ID - July 2011
        Journey To Temecula Rally Flyer - Temecula, CA - March 2011
Pumpkin And Rocket Rally Flyer - Buellton, CA - November 2010

        Bakersfield RV Resort Rally Flyer - Bakersfield, CA - February 2010
Tahoe or Bust Rally Flyer - September 2009

        Monaco Romers Valencia Travel Village Rally Flyer - April 2009

 (This feature's starting point was April 2009)

New Rally Master Aids

Rally Master Set-Up Instructions - Monaco Romers makes every effort to make hosting a rally easy, fun and exciting. Click on the following link to bring up a .pdf file that will help you succeed with your Rally Host duties.


Flyer Template - Following is a rally flyer template for your use in creating your own rally flyer. It is in Microsoft Word format. Open it up, click on File and then Save As (type the name you want it saved as on your computer). Once saved to your computer you can open it up in Microsoft Word, work on it and develop it into your rally flyer. We hope it helps...

Monaco Romers Rally Flyer Template (for New Rally Masters)

To learn more about a given rally, visit the Monaco Romers e-Newsletter associated with that rally.

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